An intermediary between Evil and Good

The story of the Chinese army that stormed through the Gadwal area and reached Badridham during the India-China war is an incident that India and China still do not have a clear answer to even today. To this day, no one has a clue about the story of the Chinese soldiers who fired at the soldiers in their camp and ran wild. Who was the power behind that incident?! While some argue that Badri Narayan’s play is behind this mystery, many believe that the cave-dwelling Aghori monks who reached the pinnacle of Sadhana are the mystery behind it. But an unbelievable incident similar to this has also happened in Kerala in the twenty-first century. Undoubtedly, an enigmatic occurrence rocked Kerala society ‘on a May 17’; not even the Kerala Police were willing to bring the matter to light, and those mysterious events are very difficult to hide, too. But there is a truth that the Malayali, who is engrossed in the mountains of materialism, has not yet understood about it, and that is what is being described here.
Kerala is a small state in India that prides itself on its reputation as “God’s Own Country.” But, though it was originally called a lunatic asylum by Swami Vivekananda, nowadays Kerala is famous for terrorism, narcotics, and sex trafficking. Everyone agrees that the current horrific threats to our nation originate in communist and Islamic terrorist-controlled unpatriotic Kerala. Perhaps if we say even the brain of today’s anti-national activities originated in Kerala, then no one can deny it. It is very difficult to encounter a patriot among the peculiar and self-centred inhabitants of Kerala, and if someone asks them if they are ready to die for our country, then they will beat the person who asked that question to death on the spot. It was in one such left-jihadi power centre that a horrific incident took place on May 17, 2009, that brought the anti-nationals to their knees. Yes, the Beemapally firing incident. Before saying that, we should know about the dirty tricks of the anti-national government in Kerala, which tried to bury Sanatana Dharma itself by illegally jailing an Aghori monk, Swami Bhadraanand, exactly one year before the Beemapally police firing.
Swami Bhadraanand reacted ruthlessly against Sudhakaran, who insulted Hindu women and saints. Swami Bhadraanand said, “Innocent saints and Hindu believers should not be attacked, their places of worship and property destroyed in the name of Santosh Madhavan, and if Santosh Madhavan has committed any crime, Santhosh should be brought to justice.” They feared that Swami Bhadraanand would become the voice of Hindus in Kerala as Swami Bhadraanand started reacting against the anti-Hindu forces through the media with strong language regarding the said issue. Therefore, the anti-Hindu thought that if Swami Bhadraanand was destroyed, Hindus would be destroyed. Sudhakaran himself had revealed to the media that Swami Bhadraanand had responded to him in strong language that he would beat the Devaswom minister if he insulted Hindus again. Following this feud, on the morning of May 17, 2008, the Communist-NDF gang surrounded Swami Bhadraanand’s house. In front of Swami’s house, the anti-nationals shouted, Hey, fake monk, come out!
“On May 17, 2008, Swami Bhadraanand was charged under Section 307 of the IPC by the Kerala Police. 
The Kerala police itself filed a charge against the Kerala police on May 17, 2009, under Section 302 of the IPC.”
How did the police use guns there without a government order? So, who controlled the police there?
Whose order did the police execute there?
Some people in our society do not believe in such things, and if we think from their side, how come such a horrific gun incident happened in Kerala on May 17 itself, as predicted by Swami Bhadraanand?

Incredible May 17 series!

Due to the 2009 May 17th strife, former Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan created unnecessary problems against Swami Bhadraanand. Based on that, Swami Bhadraanand predicted that Achuthanandan and his leftist government would be deposed on May 17th. Believe it or not, the government of VS Achuthanandan fell on May 17, 2011, and the next day Swami Bhadraanand’s friend Oommen Chandy took office as the next Chief Minister of Kerala. 

Through the film “Makante Achan,” actor Jagathy Sreekumar distorted the May 17, 2008 incident, portrayed Swami Bhadraanand as the wrong person, and mocked Swami in front of society. After watching the film, Swami Bhadraanand met Jagathy in person and asked: Why do you always choose characters who unnecessarily abuse Hindu monks in movies? Why did you play that role in the movie “Makante Achan” to humiliate me for no reason?”? After hearing this, Jagathy treated Swami very badly. Jagathy very defiantly told Swami: If you have any complaints, write them on a piece of paper and hand them over to the authorities. Swami said: Writing grievances on paper is not my job. Exasperated, Jagathy said to Swami, “Then you do the job that you know, Mister Thokku Swami!”. Hearing this, Swami looked at Jagathy’s face and said only one thing: “My work is different, and you cannot bear that, Mr Jagathy.” After giving Jagathy a calm look and a smile, Swami quietly turned and walked away. A worker on the set of the film stated: ‘A barking dog is not to be feared because its bite cannot cause death. Concurrently, we need to be frightened of the silent serpent, because its bite might lead us to our demise. The nature of this Swami is very strange. If this man shouts at someone or starts a fight with somebody, no one should be afraid of it. But if he smiles gently in the face of wrongdoers or remains silent, it is difficult.’ What happened next was beyond logic. Kerala saw the sight of Jagathy Sreekumar, who met with an accident on NH 17 and got paralyzed, unable to move or speak!

When Swami Bhadraanand was imprisoned for 31 days by the Left government on May 17, 2008, over a firearms problem, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was the Home Minister of Kerala. Later, Unique Times Magazine published an article entitled “Rocking Predictions of a Swami Shocking India,” in which Swami Bhadraanand’s predictions revealed the future of India’s leading political leaders. In that, Swami made a prediction about Kodiyeri Balakrishnan: “The dragon’s head and tail will cause pain due to some reasons for Kodiyeri’s family. This will destroy the peace of mind of the leader.” If you want to know the aftermath of that prediction, then just Google it. With this, many people realised that many miseries could have been avoided if they had known the hidden dangers in their lives in advance.

There was a journalist named SV Pradeep in Kerala who made a living by creating unrelated and fake news to increase his reach on YouTube. Once, Pradeep distorted Swami’s May 17, 2008, controversial issue and spread defamatory propaganda against Swami in society through his online platforms. On top of that, Pradeep maliciously insulted Swami’s predictions and good deeds. After witnessing Pradeep’s media hooliganism, Swami laughed and appeared before the public through Facebook Live. While Pradeep was watching that Facebook Live, Swami made a forecast about him: “Dear Pradeep, You will have 31 days on this earth, after which a tipper truck will run over your vehicle!” Pradeep, who was a part of the communist gang and an opportunist, said. How can a fake Swami predict someone’s future? Finally, Pradeep walked out of Facebook Live with a spitting gesture. Exactly thirty-one days later, a tipper struck Pradeep down, and people in Kerala found his headless body by the roadside. An old lady said, When something happens, we all will know about it; but before that happens, Swami will say about it.

After the May 17, 2008 gun controversy, the CPI (M) Party tried to isolate Swami Bhadraanand from society by portraying him as a criminal. After that, Swami predicted that the Kerala community would reform the CPM as the Criminal Party of India (Mlechahas). What is happening now? Swami has also said that CPI (Marxist) will occupy a great place in the pages of history. It will be history, which means everything will end.

Several times, Swami has responded through his social media that the Central Government will ban the PFI group from the country. Swami is still the apple of PFI’s eye due to Swami’s hardcore nationalism and his response against terrorist activities and drug mafias in Kerala. The PFI group, as we know it today, is a new form of the old NDF Islamic terrorist group that came to attack Swami’s house on May 17, 2008, along with the communist gangs. Swami’s war with the PFI activists, who are saying that they will rape Swami’s mother, cut off Swami’s head, and completely wipe out the RSS from the country, continues even today. It is a wonderful mystery that no one understands how the central government passed the order banning PFI in the country on September 22, especially on Swami’s birthday. The above-said experience clarifies the spiritual message that you and I are not two but one.

After the May 17, 2008, strife, Kerala is in turmoil. People recognised many truths. People lost trust in politics, the police, and the media. In Kerala, hundreds of policemen committed suicide. Law and order were shattered. Terrorism has dominated. The drug mafia has grown like hell!

How did these kinds of baffling events happen in connection with May 17? 
Why has no legal expert in the country been able to explain the mysteries behind this shocking May 17 series yet? Is it out of fear that the media in Kerala, who ridicule Swami Bhadraanand as Thokku Swami, are hiding the mysteries of the May 17 series?

Actually, what did Swami Bhadranand do? Is it the ultimate tantric technique called Parakaya Praveshana, which was shown by Adi Shankar? Or is it the mind-hacking technique of Maha Siddhan Bodhi Dharma, who migrated to China from Tamil Nadu? If not these two, the question raised by Kerala society is whether this Swami Bhadranand is the mysterious head of some other global power that controls the world. In many interviews, Swami Bhadraanand has underlined that ‘a real monk can change the thoughts of society’. It is a startling truth that a true Siddhi Purusha can free another person from their control and move their thoughts through his controlling power. So, is Swami Bhadraanand, who lives among us as one of us, one of the Maha Yogis who saw India?!! 

No one can dispute that a special power was worked out behind the above-mentioned matters. But if you ask whether that force is spiritual or mafia-related, it is up to your logic to find the answer.

Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah, Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Ch
This sentence is part of a longer verse from the Mahabharata: 

Ahimsa is preferable, but violence is also necessary to protect dharma when necessary. ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharma’ The current teachers of Hinduism have taught them that the highest dharma is non-violence. But in the next line, ‘Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Cha’, there was no one to say that violence for the sake of dharma is what Seer Bhadraanand was doing. If someone attacks you with the law, you must fight them with the same law. If someone attacks you with a weapon, you must respond to them with the same weapon. This is the nature of Seer Bhadraanand, and that is why he has been called as a ‘Mafia Guru or Thokku Swami’.

Now everyone knows that Kerala has become the centre of the biggest anti-nationals in the country. Unfortunately, cowardly spiritual monkeys abound in Kerala, but isn’t it the responsibility of the Hindu community to find out if there is a Hanumanji in South India with mystical spiritual power, courage, and a sense of dharma like Seer Bhadraanand?

A rare monk who can see your future!

The extraordinary spiritual power of predicting one’s future and understanding their destiny just by looking at them, as well as his lightning-quick problem-solving skills, have propelled Swami Bhadraanand to the role of adviser to several luminaries. While living in royal status, Swami Bhadraanand gradually turned to social issues, and that earned Swami more enemies. The very personality of a true saint is his fearlessness. Swami, who fearlessly opposed the evils before him, had to make many enemies through his social activities. It was at that time that Santhosh Madhavan’s case came up in society. With the help of anti-national media, Swami Bhadraanand, who gained a lot of space in the minds of the people, was presented in front of Kerala society by being stitched together with Santhosh Madhavan by Swami’s enemies. Swami Bhadraanand became a controversial hero by reacting against social evils when no one came forward to protect the innocent saints and Hindus of Kerala in the spiritual hunt that followed Santosh Madhavan. Then, due to this, the people of Kerala got to see a different side of Swami, who was known for his predictions and philanthropic activities. Who can forget the young monk who came out with a gun against the anti-nationals who came to attack his mother? But on May 17, 2008, when ‘Thokku Swami’ came down with a gun to protect Dharma, the Kerala police filed a false case against him, imprisoning him for 31 days. In connection with this, Thokku Swami became known as an irreplaceable figure in the occult world by taking revenge on the Kerala police department itself on May 17, 2009. 

Maybe because of this grudge, Kerala police have filed false cases many times against Swami Bhadraanand without any reason. Swami was jailed again and again by the anti-national police of Kerala for posting on Facebook against terrorists and for watching Jishnu Pranoy’s mother’s protest from the roadside along with other people. Since then, there has not been a single day to date without cases and problems for the Left government.

While drowning in controversies and active in social issues, Swami has never failed to astound people with his predictions.

The first time Swami Bhadraanand shocked his family was by predicting his grandfather’s and father’s demise. The Malayalam community first came to know the 20-year-old Swami Himaval Maheswara Bhadraananda, who left his engineering studies halfway through and traveled to the Himalayas and gained deep spiritual wisdom from there, through the downfall prediction of AK Antony’s government. 75 days before the tsunami, Swami Bhadraanand held a press conference at the Thiruvananthapuram Press Club and said that the media should take the initiative to inform the government to evacuate the people from the coastal areas. The sea will do the death dance, and it will cause great destruction to mankind. That dance will cause serious damage to the lives and property of people worldwide. All but a handful of journalists dismissed his statement with disdain, saying he was crazy. But finally, that prediction stunned the world as the 2004 tsunami, and it also led to the Mother Teresa Award.

Swami Bhadraanand first met communist leader Pannyan Ravindran at a function where he was receiving the Mother Teresa Award following the tsunami forecast. On that stage, Swami told Pannyan, “Be ready to rule this district, and you will win.” CPI member Gopakumara Panicker and Dr. Vimal Kumar, who are media workers, jokingly asked Swami, ‘Does Swami lack political knowledge? On what basis did the CPI leader of Kannur say that he should prepare to govern Thiruvananthapuram? Swami said that his party’s leader, Panniyan Ravindran, will become the leader in Thiruvananthapuram from the seat where MP PK Vasudevan Nair is in power. Those journalists said, Swami, there will not be any elections shortly, so why did you say so? Swami laughed and replied that PKV would die soon and Pannyan Ravindran would become MP here. Within a few days, the time marked by Swami arrived. PK Vasudevan Nair passed away, and Pannyan Ravindran became MP in PKV’s place. After this, many political leaders approached Swami, and later, some leaders considered Swami their mentor. When that prophecy came true, there was no turning back for Swami; his presence in inner politics skyrocketed. Swami Bhadraanand made history when he solved the critical dilemma of Uthratam Thirunal Marthandavarma Maharaja in a matter of hours. In an interview given to Kerala Kaumudi in 2006, Swami hinted at the increasing number of terrorist attacks in India. What the country saw later was the Mumbai terror attack, which no one can forget. Swami’s prediction about the difficult times of former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy was witnessed in Kerala through the solar issue. Actor Mohanlal’s ‘Lalism’ and actor Dileep’s arrest in the case of harassing an actress were Swami’s predictions that got a lot of attention in the film world. The world saw the “Corona” of 2019 right after Swami’s prediction that germs would multiply in the atmosphere and cause people to suffer. Even the Mangalam news media, which first gave fake news against Swami, published a piece of prediction news related to the said issue on August 14, 2017. In 2017, Swami made a prediction in Kerala about the disaster that was going to happen related to water. After that prediction, Kerala went through a huge flood disaster that the Malayalees have not seen to date.

On January 17, 2023, Swami Bhadranand wrote an article about some of the ill effects that have plagued Narendra Modi’s aura: This was the title of that prediction: “The snow caps will not be there in the Himalayas always. According to seasons and nature, its aura will change; nothing is constant or inconstant!’.” After that prediction, the nation saw the BBC attacking Modi, humiliating Modi on the certificate issue, crucifying Modi over his relationship with Adani, and also the drastic failure of the BJP in the Karnataka assembly. Swami’s predictions about Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan shocked even atheists. If you ask about the accuracy of Swami’s predictions, then the woes that Pinarayi Vijayan faces today are the answer. Swami predicted on Twitter that in the 2023 assembly polls, the BJP would lose its power in Karnataka. Similarly, Swami’s terrifying prophecy about the impending Islamic race’s health crisis has frightened many. The world is now seriously debating the success of Swami’s prediction, which goes beyond astrology and sees future events with an inner eye. Swami Bhadranand’s predictions based on the extrasensory perception and aura are accurate, and that was what set Swami apart from others. Swami Bhadranand, who astounds people by predicting changes in nature and personal life, only conveys what he knows to others. If a danger is known in advance, the wise can avoid it, so Swami’s prophecies are a guiding light for many. Whatever Swami says, time will prove it. Swami Bhadrananda is a person who lived as one of us, using God-given siddhi and intelligence for the survival of nature and the safety, protection, and success of a nation. When all the prophecies made by Swami Bhadraanand come true, is it the immense predictive instincts of a Rishi, or is it the speciality of an Aghori Siddhi Purusha who has attained Siddhis through powerful penance?

The story of an extraordinary monk who protected the Maharaja of Travancore

One morning, a piece of news came that shocked the people of Thiruvananthapuram. Various political organizations in Kerala jointly raised a strange demand that His Highness Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma should not be allowed to enter the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple. The temple premises were filled with flags and banners of various parties against the Maharaja. All the party members rallied to prevent Maharaja’s visit to the temple. For the first time in his life, Maharaja was unable to meet Sri Padmanabhan. Many political and community leaders tried to solve the problem, but nothing could work out. At that time, when the Maharaja was completely exhausted, Swami Bhadraanand, who was in his youth, arrived at the palace with Professor TK Thamby. Swami Bhadraanand asked the king of Travancore, ‘Shall I deal with this problem?’.

What a young monk could do in this situation, which was unsolvable even with the involvement of the majority of political leaders and dignitaries, was the question that the general public raised. But the King, seeing the immense spiritual radiance of Swami Bhadraanand’s face and his steadfast faith, said, ‘Swamiji, you try.’ After exactly 12 hours, everyone was amazed. The capital saw those who protested against the king take away their flags and protest banners and run. Then the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, witnessed the mystic works and predictions of Swami Bhadraanand. If asked what a 22-year-old sanyasi did there in such a short time, only Sri Padmanabhaswamy and Swami Bhadraananda would be able to answer it. Then, the Maharaja Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma, who was pleased with Swami Bhadraanand’s selfless service, presented Swamiji with the royal seal of Travancore Palace and honored him as Rajaguru. When Col. PGR Nair spoke through a program organized by the Asianet channel, the outside world came to know about this big secret information that Swami kept from the community. He is not a personality who likes to inform society about the benefits that others get because of Swami Bhadraanand. Therefore, in the case of Swami, only mystery exists everywhere. In Swami’s case, it is better to leave the question than to seek an answer.

A synopsis of Bhadraanand Hemachandran
Bhadraanand Hemachandran is an unambitious, mystic modern monk who is incarnated to reestablish Sanathana Dharma in Kali Yuga. Bhadraanand is a seer, egalitarian, philanthropist, the voice of the marginalized, and a hardcore nationalist. The rise of this seer was in the southern part of India, where Adi Shankaracharya and Jagad Guru Sree Narayanan, who incarnated for the good of the world, were born. Moreover, Seer Bhadraanand is also renowned for being the world’s most accurate future predictor, an aura expert, a spiritual lifestyle mentor, a photographer, and a trusted advisor to numerous influential figures in business and politics. Seer Bhadraanand is the only monk in South India who is fighting hard without any salary, pension, or trust fund as part of his mission to enforce dharma against social evils like the drug mafia and anti-national terrorist movements. And this mystic monk is a part of that legendary ascetic tradition that saved our India from invaders 100 years ago.

"Spirituality is not my business, but in my business, spirituality will be there."

― Seer Bhadraanand

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About Seer Bhadraanand

The roots of Seer Bhadraanand’s spiritual inheritance stem from his forefathers. His grandfather, Shivayogi N. Rama Panicker, was the son of a legend, Nani Aashan; his grandmother, L. Thankamma, was Kerala’s first police officer and an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga; and some of his family members were famous in tantric and mystic arts. Seer Bhadraanand’s great-granddad, Nani Aashan, was the first devotee and supporter of Sree Narayana Guru. It was Nani Aashan who first recognised the spiritual abilities of Sree Narayana Guru when he came from Chempazhanthi with his friend Neelakandan to Aruvipuram in Neyyattinkara to attend a wedding ceremony, and it was Nani Aashan who later introduced the Vishwaguru Sree Narayana Guru to the world.