Aura Mechanism

Your aura is the cause of all your problems.

What is the Aura Mechanism?

The Aura Mechanism is a wise men’s choice. Usually, only those who value their lives and want to succeed in their own karmic realm opt for the Aura Mechanism. It is a totally mysterious and prestigious spiritual technique. Changes in the energy level of the Aura are the main reason behind physical and mental illnesses. Separation in relationships, unwanted enmities, sudden fights, failure in life and work, depression, and suicidal tendencies all occur due to the problems in one’s Aura. People who have depression, stress, or psychological instability will have a weak Aura. If anyone aspires to peace and happiness, then they need a bright and strong Aura. Do we not see some people who are very talented but unable to achieve success in their lives and careers, this is happening due to defects in their Aura. A person with a robust Aura will always be happy, and they can experience real peace of mind. Normally, we cannot stop the rain, but a raincoat can be helpful to overcome the rain. The raincoat that we mentioned here is Aura Protection. Getting the right advice and guidance in a difficult situation can definitely protect us, and that can not only avoid a higher degree of damage but also offer peace and a successful life. We should never forget that for every problem there is a solution, and that solution lies within us. We need to know about our Aura to understand the good and the bad in our own lives.

The Bliss of the Aura Mechanism. Your Aura, Defines You; Believing Is Not Enough; You Need to Realise.

A person will be at peace when their hopes and wishes are fulfilled, and this will be possible only through correcting their AURA. We are all part of this universe, and whatever is there in this universe is only for us. The universe is controlled by different types of energies. Our body is the biggest power station, and it is similar to a mobile phone. Mobile phones will send and receive numerous waves and energies for their proper function. Likewise, knowingly and unknowingly, our body also sends and receives various waves and energies. But sometimes we are not able to use our substantial power to get actual results; this is due to the disintegration of chakras and the weakness of the Aura. For example, if we do not tune the radio wavelength correctly, we will not benefit from it. Likewise, if our aura’s energies and chakras are not synergizing correctly, we will not get any benefits from our inherent abilities. This is a super science. One should have a strong Aura to get what one deserves from the universe based on their destiny and desires. We are attracted to or resisted by a person depending on the magnetic waves originating from their Aura. The energies of seven planets and two shadow planets create 31 types of energies. These energies have a direct effect on our Aura. Our growth, failure, problems, happiness, victory, and sadness are centred on the peculiarities of our Aura. Aura science is not for everyone, so the common man is not very aware of it.

What is Aura?

The imperceptible energy, or halo radiation, encircling our body is called AURA. AURA is a luminous body that surrounds your physical one. The Aura is the electromagnetic energy that releases from the various main chakras that line from the top of your head to your spine. Some mystic people can see all seven Aura bodies and their colours, while others may not. Aura often appears surrounding the human body. This is often called the halo Effect. Each energy centre (Chakra) emits a specific colour. Seven Auric colours represent seven auric bodies. Each layer of your Aura is in different colours; these colours may change according to the side effects of your Aura. Generally, the colours of Aura are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Each layer of the Aura is associated with a different cycle. There are seven layers of your Aura, corresponding to the seven chakras in your body. All these layers perfectly link to your spiritual, mental, and physical status. Via Aura Scan, one can obtain timely and up-to-date knowledge of various internal and external disorders.

How is Aura Scanning Done?

Aura-Scanning is done with the help of the most sophisticated and scientific devices. The specially designed Aura-Scanning device is the perfect equipment for sensing the energy field and the proper joules of Aura. With the help of Aura-Scanning reports, our expert can find out the best and worst conditions of your life and future. By learning more about our Aura, we can analyse our own lives and future.

The root cause of everybody's sorrow is a lack of advice and solutions to their problems. We help you get rid of the unwanted troubles in your life and provide remedies for smoothing your life journey.

― Seer Bhadraanand




For understanding the mystical energies, chakra's positions, and hidden defects of a person.


For removing all sorts of negative energies from the aura.


For enhancing the aura and activating the chakras to sync quickly with universal energies. To attract positive people and situations into your life, rather than negative ones.


To block all sorts of negative energies and bad experiences.

Leaders in various fields tell society that everyone should live well. But why can't anyone live like that? We must realise the truth that no one can ever live well just because they pray or work hard without proper functioning of their aura and chakras.

― Seer Bhadraanand

Aura scanning helps to understand one's future and hidden dangers in life. Aura cleansing can help remove accumulated negative energies from one's body. Aura charging can help develop stronger Auras and Chakras.

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Aura Mechanism

Your aura is the cause of all your problems.

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