Has anyone ever asked the BJP members to clearly explain what Hindutva is?

The BJP is a party that gained power by advocating for Hindutva. Has anyone ever asked the BJP members to clearly explain what Hindutva is?

If the foundation is not solid, then success will not last. The spiritual foundation of RSS – BJP members is not solid; proper spiritual wisdom is essential for Sangh Parivar members. If the country’s rulers lack a strong spiritual foundation and knowledge, it will pose a significant risk not only to themselves but also to the nation as a whole. As far as I know, most of the people who lead Sangh Parivar organisations are pious minded. But they do not get proper spiritual knowledge of what to believe and what not to follow. Let us take the case of Lord Ram, for example. Is there any Guru who educated the Sangha Parivar members on the negative consequences of worshipping the cursed Lord Rama?

What is happening to Muslims now?
Due to some illogical and unscientific changes adopted in Islamic practices, the Muslims are suffering spiritual degradation, and due to this, they are facing many mental and physical difficulties. Likewise, the perils created by BJP’s spiritual ignorance will affect the country in a serious way, and no doubt it will be worse than the Muslims’ condition. Most people have no idea about spirituality; many people believe that religion and spirituality are one and the same. If each person does not have a proper understanding of the mantras that should not be used and the worships that should not be performed, life will be in trouble. Any ignorant person can acquire powerful positions and earn money, but getting wisdom is not so easy.

Hindutva is like a milk-pot with dog’s milk, pig’s milk, cat’s milk, donkey’s milk, cow’s milk, and tiger’s milk. How will you find out your milk from this? Again, I repeat my question: What is Hindutva? Seeking answers from BJP leaders. NB: Kindly don’t send ED, IT, or CBI teams because I’m also an old Swayamsevak.


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