Prediction About Elon Musk

I never knew about Musk before but a famous artist called Mubarack Nissa from a tycoon family is the one who told me about Elon Musk first. I think maybe because of my previous predictions are the reason why she asked me about the future of Musk and I’m sharing those Mystical predictions that I have shared with Mubarack here. Due to some controversies, Mr Elon Musk is now a hotcake in the media.

Knowingly or unknowingly Musk has a unique Aura which can absorb the mystical energies from the cosmic layer which are not common. The energies from certain planets like Moon and Venus are the main reason behind Musk’s creativity and success of Musk. The imaginary power of Musk is beyond words, but at the same time, he may sound so weak in his emotional matters too, this is because of the weakness and damage to his mental Aura. If we peep into someone’s personal life, we will be able to know similar or maybe worse things than Musk. Also, the energies from Planet Jupiter and Mercury are not in favour of him and that may weaken his image, power and position.

Before there were some mystical energies and protection shields were there within him, but due to certain reasons and his lifestyle now the protection shields are not there within his physical Aura. These are the main reasons for his present problems and if he continues the same attitude then this wonderful man’s destiny will be in trouble.

Once he sets his mind to alter his own Aura according to his inherent energies then I’m sure that Elon’s elapsed experiences will turn into a new evolution. Because Musk has an inborn magnetic power in his Aura to attract and convince whomever he wants. His tricky attitude that he got by birth will help to fulfil his wishes and that is too is so interesting.

Musk’s Aura has some mystic energies to manifest things to the next level and that is too compelling. Unknowing experiences are more than knowing experiences.


The Prognosticator Award Winner

Dr. Swami Bhadraanand is a true spokesperson of SANATHANA DHARMA and to date, he has astonished the whole world with his predictions which proved to be accurate in every detail. He, being “The Predictor of this Era” had already predicted that 80% of humanity was going to end up in trouble. The ignorant society is suspicious regarding the truth behind his predictions except for the wiser few. But time has proved the predictions of this chivalrous truth seeker to be true and was shocking the entire mankind. The Prediction of the 2004 Tsunami, honoured Swami with the Mother Teresa Award by the then Fisheries Minister Mr Dominic Presentation from the Government of Kerala. Mumbai Rotary Club honoured Swami with the Social Revolutionary Award in 2019. In 2019, Swami was honoured with the Doctor of Philosophy from the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA, for his rare Aura Mechanism and his unusual predictions. For his accurate predictions like the Kerala flood, Corona pandemic, actor Dileep’s controversy, Bineesh Kodiyeri’s arrest, Pinarayi Vijayan’s bickering and Narendra Modi's hidden failures, Dr Swami Bhadraanand received the Unique Times excellency award for "The Prognosticator" in 2022, the Gokulam group of companies Chairman Shri Gokulam Gopalan presented the award to Swami Bhadraanand with the presence of Film Director Major Ravi and Pegasus Chairman Dr Ajit Ravi.

Swami Bhadraanand along with Major Ravi, Gokulam Gopalan, Dr Ajit Ravi
Swami Bhadraanand along with Major Ravi, Gokulam Gopalan, Dr Ajit Ravi


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