Predictions About Narendra Modiji

The snow-caps will not be there in the Himalayas always. According to seasons and nature, its aura will change, nothing is constant or inconstant!

The whole being is connected with cosmic energies and mystic powers and these are the final destiny changer. Shri. Narendra Damodardas Modiji is the right person as a leader for a spiritual country like India. Modiji’s Aura is a rare combination of several Mystic powers which are very much interlinked with the great Himalayan Aghories and Cosmic energies. Actually, Modiji is a spiritual nominee of some Mystic Monks of the Himalayas and he is always protected by them and supernatural forces.

According to astrological science, Modiji is a Deva Gana and his planets are highly spiritual and powerful. Modiji’s Engine is very powerful so that kind of engine requires more fuel and proper maintenance. In Modiji’s case, he works more for his country but does not care much for himself properly. If the deities are not getting the proper poojas, then how they will shower the blessings? The previous Thejus and Ojus of Modiji are not seen now on him. Some negative energies of Modiji’s own aura are not at all good for his bright future, and that may create lots of internal failures. Modiji should be more concerned about the present energies of his own Aura bodies.

Our body is a moving temple which is created with auras and Panchabootha, and the ultimate power resides in that temple. The reason we got a precious life is because of the blessings of our clan deity who resides within us. Through our spiritual lifestyle, these clan deities will become more powerful and their mystical energies will come out through us in the form of our victory. Now it’s a great time for Modiji to be very much aware of his own energies because his present aura and chakras are not strong and aligned as before.

Modiji must take care of his mystical energies. Because the future of BJP is very much interlinked with Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modiji, and the BJP party is very much connected with the entire country, so if any trouble comes to Modiji then it will affect the whole country. If Modiji cannot do a retrospective analysis and retrospection, then his name and works won’t be there in History.

The dazzling splendour of the Aura and the mystical energies of Modiji are indescribable and because of his empyrean Aura, the BJP has become a superpower in Indian politics. India’s power and survival are based on its spiritual powers. So, it is very crucial to learn more about the future of India and the Bhartiya Janata Party spiritually. If Modiji is a mantra, everyone who works with him should be the interpretation it. Modiji is like milk and it has no harm. But if any kind of toxic substance falls into that milk then can we able to drink or anoint with that milk to the goddess of the country?

Modiji, who was the possessor of a powerful aura which gave him the strength to overcome all the forces that stood in the way of reaching his goal, is now unable to recognize the forces that are trying to destroy his name, power and status why? If the cause of this predicament cannot be identified as being due to defects in his aura and chakras, it must be assumed that it is due to a lack of blessings from his clan deity.

Many sinister are using Modiji’s pictures and name to become ministers. Once such malevolent comes to power, then the society can see that they become a threat to the goodness and prestige of Modiji. If the mighty Modiji is unable to stop this predicament, it can only be seen as a negative effect of his aura facing Modiji.

I see Modi in the position of an elder brother and a brother saint, so I pray that God gives him the strength, intelligence, strength and health to overcome all kinds of evils and protect the country and its people.

-Dr. Swami Bhadraanand


The Prognosticator Award Winner

Dr. Swami Bhadraanand is a true spokesperson of SANATHANA DHARMA and to date, he has astonished the whole world with his predictions which proved to be accurate in every detail. He, being “The Predictor of this Era” had already predicted that 80% of humanity was going to end up in trouble. The ignorant society is suspicious regarding the truth behind his predictions except for the wiser few. But time has proved the predictions of this chivalrous truth seeker to be true and was shocking the entire mankind. The Prediction of the 2004 Tsunami, honoured Swami with the Mother Teresa Award by the then Fisheries Minister Mr Dominic Presentation from the Government of Kerala. Mumbai Rotary Club honoured Swami with the Social Revolutionary Award in 2019. In 2019, Swami was honoured with the Doctor of Philosophy from the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA, for his rare Aura Mechanism and his unusual predictions. For his accurate predictions like the Kerala flood, Corona pandemic, actor Dileep’s controversy, Bineesh Kodiyeri’s arrest, Pinarayi Vijayan’s bickering and Narendra Modi's hidden failures, Dr Swami Bhadraanand received the Unique Times excellency award for "The Prognosticator" in 2022, the Gokulam group of companies Chairman Shri Gokulam Gopalan presented the award to Swami Bhadraanand with the presence of Film Director Major Ravi and Pegasus Chairman Dr Ajit Ravi.

Swami Bhadraanand along with Major Ravi, Gokulam Gopalan, Dr Ajit Ravi
Swami Bhadraanand along with Major Ravi, Gokulam Gopalan, Dr Ajit Ravi

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