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If so, our Lifestyle Development and Future Analysing Research Wing reveals some important things here that you must know. No one is there who does not worry about the future of their children. The primary duty of parents is to ensure the life, safety, success, and development of their children. But even those who have given birth are not clear about the future of the children or the pros and cons that the child is likely to achieve in life. As a solution to this, after fifteen years of research, we are handing over to the new generation the secret knowledge imparted by our sages centuries ago for the good of mankind.

If you want a good child with a bright future, then the child should have good aura energy and strong chakras. For that, the couple should select an auspicious day and time for begetting a superchild. Also, some precautions are required for this. Many people are ignorant about this. The character of the child will be formed based on the mental state of the father. For example, if the husband touches his wife after hiding something or lying, the child is more likely to be a thief. On the other hand, if the husband performs Srishti Karma after engaging in any artistic activities, the child will have an artistic flair. The father’s duty ends with sperm donation, but the mother’s does not. The mother’s thoughts while the child lives in the womb and the mother’s mental state while breastfeeding the child greatly influence the child. Through breastfeeding, a mother imparts her life to her own child. If a mother breastfeeds her child without aura purity, it will harm the aura of the child, and then it will become the reason for the destruction of the child’s life and character. Parents who do not follow the above rules need to pay a lot of attention to their children. How many people know about this divine truth?

These are the watchwords for those parents who unconditionally love their kids. The attitude of the parents plays a great role in the development of their children’s future and life. Children are the future of every nation, and by serving them, we are truly protecting humanity. The fervent wish of any parent is to secure the life and future of their children. Parents who think about the quality of life of their children should definitely be aware of the children’s aura. Many children have gone astray, getting addicted to drugs and alcohol, eventually not performing well in studies, and sometimes submitting to death. The main reason behind all these misfortunes is their weak AURA. If the AURA of a person is strong, nobody can weaken or destroy that person. When a child is born, the first thing the parents must do is inquire about the benefits and disadvantages related to their child’s AURA. A child with a very strong AURA will be greeted and delighted by everyone, and the universe will render any sort of help to them.

How many people know about the miraculous power of sound?

A child’s root mantra is their name. The sounds in the names have different energies. Those energies can positively and negatively influence the child’s aura and chakras. These are not beliefs, but scientifically proven facts. Babies’ auras are very sensitive, so parents should be very careful when choosing names for their children; similarly, care should be taken to ensure that the colours of clothes given to newborns never spoil the child’s aura. According to the theory of energy, the sound wave in the name causes a vibration that eventually turns into force. The energy of a child’s name and the colour of clothing influence that child’s aura and chakras; this can control the child’s thinking, behaviour, health, and lifespan. So parents who truly love their children must know the names that should not be given to their children, the colours that should be given up, and the foods that should be avoided. Names and colours have energies, and don’t forget that these are important things that immediately affect a child’s aura. A child’s name is one of the most important things that affect a child’s life experience. If a child is born, the child should be given a name that matches its aura within nine days. Usually, most parents give their children different names without understanding the energy of their child’s aura, which often ruins the child’s life and prevents a bright future. The ignorance of parents in this area can lead to many problems in their children’s futures. Likewise, rather than their parents’ interests, children should be educated to suit their AURA, and only then will they be able to perform well in their field of education.

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Cosmic energy is what keeps all life alive. Our Aura and Chakras function according to the precise flow of cosmic energy. Human beings are currently doing numerous activities that prevent the flow of cosmic energies towards their bodies from the cosmos and create space for negative energies. Children who live in negative spaces may face disadvantages like weak brilliance, excessive anger, fear of examination, suicidal tendencies, etc. Various types of negative energies are moving around us, but all of them are invisible to the naked eye, which poses a serious threat to humanity. These negative energies have the power to damage human auras and chakras, and they can also create physical and mental suffering in humans. These negative energies adversely affect kids’ auras and chakras, and for this reason, many children are unable to bring out their innate abilities. Also, hospitals, police stations, and courts are centres of negative energy. Because it is in these areas that people mostly share their sorrows. Aura-weakening negative energies are high in the above-mentioned areas; so parents should keep their children away from such places as much as possible. Children are the hope of the future; children who are supposed to be assets of society are now sliding in the wrong direction. Due to these causes, sorrow increases in families. All such problems are due to disorders of the Aura and Chakra’s of the children. Every home should have children with strong auras and chakras. As a solution to this, our Lifestyle Development and Future Analysing Research Wing has started an Aura workshops and Seminars.

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