Why Do They Abuse and Attack Hindus Randomly for No Reason?

Two days ago, the Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, Mr. A. N. Shamseer, publicly said that Lord Ganesha is not a deity but a myth. Immediately after the Ganesha controversy, I asked the Communist leader Shamseer to prove his courage by saying that the stories in Islam, including the splitting of the moon, the story of Prophet Muhammad’s ascension journey, and the story of the 72 Hoors, were all myths. All Hindus in Kerala condemned his atrocities and demanded that he be prosecuted. However, Islamic extremist forces in Kerala are not allowing the speaker to be brought to justice as he was born into an Islamic family.
At the same time, a Hindu activist and YouTuber named V. K. Baiju questioned the unclean installation of Lord Ganesha in a jihadist-run vegetarian hotel in Kerala. Due to this reason, Baiju was imprisoned from 25-06-2023 to 12-07-2023 by the Jihadis. The anti-national forces of the country are now working by putting dust in the eyes of the law and purchasing the law enforcers at a price. The government officials who work against patriots by siding with Jihadists for money and selfish interests should be brought before the law. Our nation is greater for us than any individual, so no one should forget this. Also, the government should be ready to control the Jihadists who have infiltrated Karnataka from Kerala to earn money. Jihadists have prepared a plan to earn money from Karnataka and use that money to cause harm to Karnataka itself. Drug jihad is worse than love jihad and bomb blasts. I am requesting the patriots of Karnataka to come forward to stop the terrorist activities, including drug dealing, by Jihadis who are ruining the lives of our youth, who are the future of the country.


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