Today’s generation has no clear idea about Seer Bhadraanand, who broke the backbone of Communist-Jihadists in Kerala for the protection of Southern Sanatanis’. Terrorists, drug lobbies, and anti-nationals in Kerala will feel fear and unease when they hear the name of this strong-willed monk. It is difficult to define this monk in one or two words because he is unpredictable. Yes, society has forgotten the story of the monk who has the smell of gunpowder in his blood.


The most frequently asked queries and responses about Seer Bhadraanand.

Bhadraanand Hemachandran is an unambitious, mystic modern monk who is incarnated to reestablish Sanathana Dharma in Kali Yuga. He is a seer, egalitarian, philanthropist, the voice of the marginalised, and a hardcore nationalist. The rise of this seer was in the southern part of India, where Adi Shankaracharya and Jagad Guru Sree Narayanan, who incarnated for the good of the world, were born. Moreover, Seer Bhadraanand is also renowned for being the world’s most accurate future predictor, an aura expert, a spiritual lifestyle mentor, a photographer, and a trusted advisor to numerous influential figures in business and politics. Seer Bhadraanand is the only monk in South India who is fighting hard without any salary, pension, or trust fund as part of his mission to enforce dharma against social evils like the drug mafia and anti-national terrorist movements. And this mystic monk is a part of that legendary ascetic tradition that saved our India from invaders 100 years ago.

The roots of Seer Bhadraanand’s spiritual inheritance stem from his forefathers. His grandfather, Shivayogi N. Rama Panicker, was the son of a legend, Nani Aashan; his grandmother, L. Thankamma, was Kerala’s first police officer and an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga; and some of his family members were famous in tantric and mystic arts. Seer Bhadraanand’s great-granddad, Nani Aashan, was the first devotee and supporter of Sree Narayana Guru. It was Nani Aashan who first recognised the spiritual abilities of Sree Narayana Guru when he came from Chempazhanthi with his friend Neelakandan to Aruvipuram in Neyyattinkara to attend a wedding ceremony, and it was Nani Aashan who later introduced the Vishwaguru Sree Narayana Guru to the world. Sree Narayana Guru was a spiritual mentor who taught the world about the philosophy of one caste, one religion, and one God for man. Sree Narayana Guru was a highly revolutionary spiritual personality who fought against the caste system and the prejudiced mindset of society throughout his life. The devotees of Sree Narayana Guru regard him as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It was Sree Narayana Guru and Nani Aasan together who made the Shiva temple there a reality by erecting a revolutionary and controversial Shiva Lingam at Aruvippuram against the caste system.

The Malayalam month of Kanni 5th is observed in Kerala as Sree Narayana Guru’s Samadhi Day. On the same day of Kanni 5th in 1982, a baby boy was born to Nani Aashan’s granddaughter, Dr. Madhuja Hemachandran, in Thiruvananthapuram. The year of Sree Narayana Guru’s Samadhi is Kanni 5th, 1928, and the birth year of Seer Bhadraanand is Kanni 5th, 1982; this itself indicates a mystic twist: 28 and 82! Many believe that this boy was born to continue Sree Narayana Guru’s cycle of revolutionary work, but nowhere does Seer Bhadraanand claim that he is an incarnation of Sree Narayana Guru. Through this, it is clear how deep Seer Bhadraanand’s great birth connection and family relationship with Sree Narayana Guru are. At present, the Sree Narayana movements are facing various criticisms from society. The cause of all the trouble is that some people who have nothing to do with Sree Narayana Guru infiltrate Sree Narayana movements for selfish interests and work against Guru Dharma. But Seer Bhadraanand, who is inseparably connected with Sree Narayana Guru, never used any Sree Narayana movement for his own gain or became a part of it. At the same time, Seer Bhadranand, who propagates Gurudharma in his own way, is looked at with wonder by society. Seer Bhadraanand was adorable and special to all.

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Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah, Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Ch
This sentence is part of a longer verse from the Mahabharata: 

Ahimsa is preferable, but violence is also necessary to protect dharma when necessary. ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharma’ The current teachers of Hinduism have taught them that the highest dharma is non-violence. But in the next line, ‘Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Cha’, there was no one to say that violence for the sake of dharma is what Seer Bhadraanand was doing. If someone attacks you with the law, you must fight them with the same law. If someone attacks you with a weapon, you must respond to them with the same weapon. This is the nature of Seer Bhadraanand, and that is why he has been called as a ‘Mafia Guru or Thokku Swami’.

Now everyone knows that Kerala has become the centre of the biggest anti-nationals in the country. Unfortunately, cowardly spiritual monkeys abound in Kerala, but isn’t it the responsibility of the Hindu community to find out if there is a Hanumanji in South India with mystical spiritual power, courage, and a sense of dharma like Seer Bhadraanand?

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As ordinary monks enjoy a very high level of happiness and detachment from the material world, they generally stay away from society. But Seer Bhadraanand’s spiritual master, Aghori Baba, reminded him of his duties to the motherland and convinced him to go to his native land. For Seer Bhadraanand, who believed that the Guru was everything, defying the Guru’s words was unthinkable for him. His Guru told him that Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and Kerala are the four regions that pose a threat to our country, and there are border force systems to protect the country from other regions except for Kerala. But there is no border force system to protect the country from Kerala; therefore, your task is very big, and you should be like a border fire to protect the country, Guru said.

This made him think a lot, and his Baba pointed to a soldier whom he saw on the way and said to him, “Did you see that warrior? You should be like him, who stands on the border without fearing the enemy’s attack, leaving even his family behind to protect his country and people, regardless of snow, sun, heat, and humidity. He will have a salary and a pension, and you will not get those two, but the power and blessings of me and God will still reside in you. You have that innate siddhi to predict and understand things, but others don’t have that. The siddhi that you have received is to be a light to the world of darkness, and that siddhi will be your guide when you walk in the darkness. First, the ignorant will reject your knowledge, and then those who reject you will come behind you.

You will have to overcome many trials, and those experiences will make you a strong fighter. No one can destroy you, and those who try to destroy you will be destroyed themselves. Because it is the sages who have sent you on this earth to establish dharma, the deities will come to your side to help you in various forms. A great nation awaits your service; you go and protect your dharma; that is the guru Dakshina that you are giving to me.” Seer Bhadraanand remained silent for a while and meditated for several hours, and finally, after bowing his head at the feet of his Guru, he returned to his native land. These words are from Seer Bhadraanand’s autobiography; just wait to learn about Swami’s unspeakable life story.

Seer Bhadraanand is against all the evils and injustices in society, so he became the enemy of the wicked. He strived to educate people against the hatred and violence caused by religion and politics. The vision he put forth was to bring harmony into human thoughts. For this reason, he maintained a healthy distance between devious religious leaders, fake political chieftains, and gangsters. The invasion of leftist thoughts in Kerala has tried to keep away our spiritual masters, and Seer Bhadraanand has proved them wrong through his findings. He stood with his people, preached to them about the light of universal truth, and taught them about the real state of society. His training for young minds is to be the torchbearers of a great India for the prosperity of the country. He imparted to the younger generation not about religions and rituals but about selfless service and dharma; he tried to convey to the world the truth that if we protect Dharma, Dharma will protect us. There is no doubt that the heart of Swami Bhadraanand is aimed at Dharma. His aims presented here are to enrich society through spirituality and make people walk the path of social empowerment. However, some anti-national media, politicians, and administrators have not allowed him to do such things in Kerala. He teaches life lessons to the community by sustaining the core of Sanatana culture, irrespective of caste or religion; he also provides society with the spiritual fortitude and ground-breaking ideas necessary to eliminate caste and religious barriers, but the society of today chooses something else.

The anti-nationals of Kerala attacked Swami Bhadraanand miserably, but he has no grudge against anyone. These cowardly criminals are not courageous like him, and they will never fight directly with anyone. The attacking methods of these traitors are too strange, and their art of attacking is sui generis. For example, if these grisly guys don’t get a virgin woman, they will fabricate a story against that innocent virgin and spread the rumour that the virgin is a prostitute. How can she convince society of her innocence if it happens like that? Is she able to walk down the road and scream that she is a virgin? This is what happened with Seer Bhadraanand too. Only those who know Swami Bhadraanand well are fully aware of him; his life story serves as a reminder to society that no one should be subject to prejudice. If anybody opposes such anti-nationals, they use their political and media influence to destroy their enemies; these backstabbers will hire criminals and apply their brains to the hired criminals.

Many creative media goondas are available in Kerala; such media thugs are cheap and the best. Just for one bottle of liquor or lump sum amount, they will do any filthy job professionally. With the help of these media goons, the anti-nationals will destroy their enemies’ reputations and images. Finally, with the help of police criminals, these anti-nationals will fabricate false cases against their enemies and destroy one’s life completely. The former DGP of Kerala, Dr. T. P. Senkumar, IPS, himself admitted and told the media that there were “criminals” in his police department. According to the documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, 1,129 Kerala Police officers are facing criminal charges; 387 police officers in Kerala are allegedly involved in criminal cases, according to a report that the then-DGP Loknath Behra, IPS, submitted to the State Human Rights Commission in 2018. These are the characteristics of the nefarious, unholy police hooligans of the depraved police department of Kerala’s left government who tried to portray a righteous Swami Bhadraanand as the wrong man. In Kerala, there is a saying, “If you are a social worker, and due to your rebellious nature, if you have any criminal cases, then you must believe that you are on the right track.” But they failed only in Swami Bhadraanand’s case; the entire filthy gang, who all worked against him, were in an inferno, and many lost their lives tragically.

Now society understands the aftermath of spiritual power. His strong and impartial stand to safeguard Sanatanis and protect their property, lives, and pride made him a controversial figure and an enemy of anti-nationals. The anti-national government of Kerala has jailed Seer Bhadraanand four times. What was the reason for Seer’s jail term? Was that jail term for committing crimes like corruption, money laundering, rape, public nuisance, or fraud? No, then why? For speaking and acting strongly against the anti-nationals and drug mafia, who were destroying the future of the youth and the country. Seer Bhadraanand is a big challenge to the anti-nationals now; he is facing serious threats from extremists for his outspoken statements against the traitors’ activities. But some of the government officials who are responsible for ensuring the security of the people do not take any proper action against the traitors or do not provide proper protection or help to people like Seer Bhadraanand. If a person like him, who works in society without a salary and pension for the well-being of the country, does not get legal help from government officials, then whom do these government officials indirectly help? Think!

The secrets and mysteries of May 17th that World doesn’t know.
The anti-Hindu people of Kerala portrayed innocent Swami Bhadraanand as a criminal in society, and the anti-nationals propagated in society through their media that Swami Bhadraanand was a fake with no spiritual siddhi or knowledge.
When Swami was released after 31 days in jail, the Kerala government and the media paved the way to portray Swami as a laughing stock in society. After being released from jail, Swami went straight to the office of the Aluva Superintendent of Police. Swami Bhadraanand asked the officer who investigated the shooting case at Aluva Police Station on May 17, 2008. “When did I try to shoot the police inspector? Why should I try to shoot someone with no prior experience? Is it moral for the police to bend the law in the name of selfish interests? No matter what your police or media do or say, it will never bother a monk. But there is a section of people in this country who love and trust me, and your misdeeds have caused them a lot of trouble, so your police department will pay dearly for that mistake on the same May 17th of 2009 itself.” This is what Swami Bhadraanand told the police officer that day. Hearing Swami Bhadraanand, who has a smell of gunpowder in his blood, DYSP Abraham said to Swami, “We know you are innocent in this case, but how can we common officers oppose the government order?”
Calmly, Swami Bhadraanand said only one thing to DYSP Abraham. “You must never forget the Section 307 IPC given to me by your police department and the gun that led to the case, because based on the May 17, 2008, incident, your police department will observe the next ‘May 17’ as a black day!” Having said this, when Swami stepped down, no one expected the “Consequences of Eight” to come on May 17, 2009, at Beemapally. On that day, the left-wing police ridiculed how Swami Bhadraanand, who had lost everything in society, would take revenge against the strong left-wing government in Kerala. Unbelievably, as Swami had predicted, the police opened fire in Beemapally on May 17, 2009, shocking the entire state. Another shocking fact is that Swami Bhadraanand, who was in Aluva till then, set foot there to breathe the blood-smelling air of Beemapally on May 17, 2009. The May 17 experience is beyond comprehension, and it even surpasses the movies. The mystic game behind it is known to none other than Swami Bhadraanand. The events of May 17 have become something that makes those who are a little intelligent and readable think on a different level. If asked how such an incident happened in a logical place like Kerala, can anyone answer for that? Kerala’s powerful left-wing media and strong jihadi groups are still afraid to divulge the mystery behind the Beemapally shooting. Why? Maybe some mysteries must remain secrets forever because that is nature’s decision!
Both incidents took place based on guns only. The second shooting happened not in April or June, but in May itself. Also, the most notable and shocking thing about that is the date of the police shooting; it happened, not on May 16th or May 18th. Then, when was it? Exactly on May 17th itself! Swami Bhadraanand had said that the Kerala Police would observe Black Day on May 17, 2009. In the name of Beemapally, exactly on May 17, 2009, Kerala Police observed Black Day. Was it the police custodial beating, grenade attack, or lathi charge that led to the deaths of six people and serious injuries to fifty-two people in Beemapally? No, then what? Gun! The same “gun” itself that the Kerala police chose to trouble Swami created trouble for the Kerala police.
“On May 17, 2008, Swami Bhadraanand was charged under Section 307 of the IPC by the Kerala Police.The Kerala police itself filed a charge against the Kerala police on May 17, 2009, under Section 302 of the IPC.”How did the police use guns there without a government order? So, who controlled the police there?Whose order did the police execute there?Some people in our society do not believe in such things, and if we think from their side, how come such a horrific gun incident happened in Kerala on May 17 itself, as predicted by Swami Bhadraanand?
Incredible May 17 series!
Due to the 2009 May 17th strife, former Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan created unnecessary problems against Swami Bhadraanand. Based on that, Swami Bhadraanand predicted that Achuthanandan and his leftist government would be deposed on May 17th. Believe it or not, the government of VS Achuthanandan fell on May 17, 2011, and the next day Swami Bhadraanand’s friend Oommen Chandy took office as the next Chief Minister of Kerala.
Through the film “Makante Achan,” actor Jagathy Sreekumar distorted the May 17, 2008 incident, portrayed Swami Bhadraanand as the wrong person, and mocked Swami in front of society. After watching the film, Swami Bhadraanand met Jagathy in person and asked: Why do you always choose characters who unnecessarily abuse Hindu monks in movies? Why did you play that role in the movie “Makante Achan” to humiliate me for no reason?”? After hearing this, Jagathy treated Swami very badly. Jagathy very defiantly told Swami: If you have any complaints, write them on a piece of paper and hand them over to the authorities. Swami said: Writing grievances on paper is not my job. Exasperated, Jagathy said to Swami, “Then you do the job that you know, Mister Thokku Swami!”. Hearing this, Swami looked at Jagathy’s face and said only one thing: “My work is different, and you cannot bear that, Mr Jagathy.” After giving Jagathy a calm look and a smile, Swami quietly turned and walked away. A worker on the set of the film stated: ‘A barking dog is not to be feared because its bite cannot cause death. Concurrently, we need to be frightened of the silent serpent, because its bite might lead us to our demise. The nature of this Swami is very strange. If this man shouts at someone or starts a fight with somebody, no one should be afraid of it. But if he smiles gently in the face of wrongdoers or remains silent, it is difficult.’ What happened next was beyond logic. Kerala saw the sight of Jagathy Sreekumar, who met with an accident on NH 17 and got paralyzed, unable to move or speak!
When Swami Bhadraanand was imprisoned for 31 days by the Left government on May 17, 2008, over a firearms problem, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was the Home Minister of Kerala. Later, Unique Times Magazine published an article entitled “Rocking Predictions of a Swami Shocking India,” in which Swami Bhadraanand’s predictions revealed the future of India’s leading political leaders. In that, Swami made a prediction about Kodiyeri Balakrishnan: “The dragon’s head and tail will cause pain due to some reasons for Kodiyeri’s family. This will destroy the peace of mind of the leader.” If you want to know the aftermath of that prediction, then just Google it. With this, many people realised that many miseries could have been avoided if they had known the hidden dangers in their lives in advance.
There was a journalist named SV Pradeep in Kerala who made a living by creating unrelated and fake news to increase his reach on YouTube. Once, Pradeep distorted Swami’s May 17, 2008, controversial issue and spread defamatory propaganda against Swami in society through his online platforms. On top of that, Pradeep maliciously insulted Swami’s predictions and good deeds. After witnessing Pradeep’s media hooliganism, Swami laughed and appeared before the public through Facebook Live. While Pradeep was watching that Facebook Live, Swami made a forecast about him: “Dear Pradeep, You will have 31 days on this earth, after which a tipper truck will run over your vehicle!” Pradeep, who was a part of the communist gang and an opportunist, said. How can a fake Swami predict someone’s future? Finally, Pradeep walked out of Facebook Live with a spitting gesture. Exactly thirty-one days later, a tipper struck Pradeep down, and people in Kerala found his headless body by the roadside. An old lady said, When something happens, we all will know about it; but before that happens, Swami will say about it.
After the May 17, 2008 gun controversy, the CPI (M) Party tried to isolate Swami Bhadraanand from society by portraying him as a criminal. After that, Swami predicted that the Kerala community would reform the CPM as the Criminal Party of India (Mlechahas). What is happening now? Swami has also said that CPI (Marxist) will occupy a great place in the pages of history. It will be history, which means everything will end.
Several times, Swami has responded through his social media that the Central Government will ban the PFI group from the country. Swami is still the apple of PFI’s eye due to Swami’s hardcore nationalism and his response against terrorist activities and drug mafias in Kerala. The PFI group, as we know it today, is a new form of the old NDF Islamic terrorist group that came to attack Swami’s house on May 17, 2008, along with the communist gangs. Swami’s war with the PFI activists, who are saying that they will rape Swami’s mother, cut off Swami’s head, and completely wipe out the RSS from the country, continues even today. It is a wonderful mystery that no one understands how the central government passed the order banning PFI in the country on September 22, especially on Swami’s birthday. The above-said experience clarifies the spiritual message that you and I are not two but one.
After the May 17, 2008, strife, Kerala is in turmoil. People recognised many truths. People lost trust in politics, the police, and the media. In Kerala, hundreds of policemen committed suicide. Law and order were shattered. Terrorism has dominated. The drug mafia has grown like hell!
How did these kinds of baffling events happen in connection with May 17?  Why has no legal expert in the country been able to explain the mysteries behind this shocking May 17 series yet? Is it out of fear that the media in Kerala, who ridicule Swami Bhadraanand as Thokku Swami, are hiding the mysteries of the May 17 series?
Actually, what did Swami Bhadranand do? Is it the ultimate tantric technique called Parakaya Praveshana, which was shown by Adi Shankar? Or is it the mind-hacking technique of Maha Siddhan Bodhi Dharma, who migrated to China from Tamil Nadu? If not these two, the question raised by Kerala society is whether this Swami Bhadranand is the mysterious head of some other global power that controls the world. In many interviews, Swami Bhadraanand has underlined that ‘a real monk can change the thoughts of society’. It is a startling truth that a true Siddhi Purusha can free another person from their control and move their thoughts through his controlling power. So, is Swami Bhadraanand, who lives among us as one of us, one of the Maha Yogis who saw India?!!
No one can dispute that a special power was worked out behind the above-mentioned matters. But if you ask whether that force is spiritual or mafia-related, it is up to your logic to find the answer.
Meeting a spiritual figure is not a big deal nowadays, as there are thousands of monks around us. But how many monks have proven their mystic abilities in this society? This is where Bhadraanand distinguishes himself. A real seer should prove his prediction abilities to society through his predictions. In this society, how many saints have demonstrated their sixth sense abilities through their prophecies? Without an active sixth sense, how can a monk lead the community?
Our new generation learned about Maha Siddhan Bodhi Dharma’s mind-hacking tactic to eliminate enemies through actor Suriya’s movie ‘Ezham Arivu’. At the same time, Bhadraanand is the only sage who has demonstrated this great mystic act to society, outside of the realm of cinema. As revenge for May 17, 2008, on May 17, 2009, Bhadraanand performed a similar act of Bodhi Dharma’s mind hacking tactic in Beemapally against the left government. That resulted in the deaths of six people and serious injuries to fifty-two others in Beemapally. Similarly, Bhadraanand, created his signature as an irreplaceable immortal in the occult world through Gupta Vidyas like Maha Vashikaran, Tantric Vidya, and Parakaya Praveshanam.
A meeting with the King of Predictions, Bhadraanand, will help us attain an accurate knowledge of our future and destiny.
Bhadranand’s Super Intelligence Program (SIP) helps people understand the hidden dangers in their lives. SIP is a special program designed for a group of people who don’t like to lose anywhere in life, don’t want to go down from the current standard of living, and are interested in developing their own skills further.
Additionally, Bhadraanand can impart to us the secret techniques of the Himalayan sages to protect our future from evil forces, preserve our health, and strengthen our spiritual progress.

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